S H O P P I N G !

This is a Learning-App for Year 5-pupils.

You can do the exercises and repeat all the things you've learned last year.


1. What are you doing here?

Remember: If something happens now - use the Present Progressive!

Put in the correct forms of the verbs!

Klara: Hey! What are you doing (you, do) here?
Linda: We are going(go) to the cinema.
Klara: What film are you watching (watch)?
Linda: We are watching (watch) James Bond.
Klara: That's nice. Where is Chris?
Linda: He is getting (get) tickets.
Klara: Can I come with you?
Linda: Yes, you can.

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2. Where is it?

Put in the correct questions words!

Where is the pet shop? - Over there!
How much is that T-Shirt? - 1£.
Who is that? - My friend Joe.
Why are you stopping? - I want to see that T-shirt.
When does the bus leave? - In 10 minutes
What is your favourite colour? - Teal - it's a kind of blue.

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3. Clothes & Fashion

Find the corresponding fields!

pear T-Shirt
bee jacket
piglet trousers
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4. Colours

Put in the correct colours!

: red()
: orange()
: yellow()
: blue()
: white()

Mixing colours!

If you mix and white() you get !
If you mix and you get orange()!
If you mix and black() you get !
If you mix and red() you get !

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5. What size is it?

Put in the correct words!

What size have you got?
I usually need L That's really big.
This one is too big for me. Let's try M!
Vanessa Arnold, Judith Grötsch, Ina Rösel

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16 - What's for tea?

Memory - Find the matching sets!

bottle of milk
box of sugar
a pot of tea
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6. Are you hungry?

You've got 10 £. Choose food and drinks you like.10.00




Mady by Lara, Anna and Antonia :-)

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7. Spelling bee?

Oops, correct the wrong words!!

1. piza => pizza()
2. Buger => burger()
3. Choochlate => chocolate()
4. Watter => water()
5. Sandwitsch => sandwich()
6. Milchschake => milkshake()
7. jellie beans => jelly beans()
8. Suschi => sushi()
Anna Bloß, Antonia Oberleiter, Lara Sperber:)

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3x "bitte"!

Put in the correct words!

Assistant: Hello, can I help you?
Sina: Yes, I’m looking for a T-Shirt.
Assistant: We’ve got some here. What size do you need?
Sina:I think small is ok.
Assistant: What about this one?
Sina: That’s nice. How much is it?
Assistant: That’s 15£, please!
Sina: Here you are!
Assistant: Thank you very much!
Sina: You’re welcome!
Assistant: Bye, have a nice day.
Lara Bürner, Sina Mauritz, Sabrina Meier

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9. Food

With vowels (a, e, i, o, u ) we use "an" but in case of consonants (b, c, d, h, j …) we use "a".

a. Put in a or an.

an apple
an orange
an onion
an apricot
a (water)melon
a pineapple
a pear
a strawberry
a raspberry
a kiwi
a grape
a lemon

b. But there are exceptions:
a() unicorn
an() mp3-player

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10. Some or any?

Put in the correct words!

Do you want some coffee?
Yes, but I haven't got any money.
I want some pineapples.
I don't want any bread.
You have some tomatoes.
You have any biscuits.
They buy some orange and cucumber.
They buy any muesli and chocolates .

Sarah Ott, Fevziye Önder

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